Lead art director & storyteller for The Lily

‘The Goodbye’

The Lily’s travel series is constantly evolving. Our latest series is called “The Goodbye,” in which we feature personal essays by women as they prepare to depart a place they've called home. The essays are a memorial of places, moments and experiences and a farewell to the city each woman is leaving behind. I hire photographers from each city to photograph the locations in the series. I commissioned the series logo from typographer, Kasi Turpin.

City: Chicago
Photographer: Lucy Hewett

Goodbye to breakfast at Nookies Tree

By Nneka McGuire
“Any Chicagoan worth her salt knows there are multiple Nookies locations. My tight-knit group of girlfriends and I call ourselves The Panel
— a story too long to tell here — and the Lakeview Nookies is The Panel’s preferred outpost. Weekdays, Christine, Colleen, Alison and I
would often meet here for cheap breakfast and deep conversation.”

More ‘Goodbyes’

City: Washington, D.C.
Photographer: Anna Meyer


City: Mexico City
Photographer: Bénédicte Desrus


City: San Francisco
Photographer: Diana Fu

City: Atlanta
Photographer: Lynsey Weatherspoon


City: Kentucky
Photographer: Rebecca Rose


City: Seattle
Photographer: Dakota Lynne

The Lily’s first travel series, ‘The Lily in’

Soon after The Lily launched in 2017, Ashley Nguyen and I had an idea for a travel series. It became what is now “The Lily in." Instead of the ‘Instagram-famous travel blogger’ we set out to find women that could compile a short travel guide of their favorite spots in an unfamiliar city into short travel guides. I wrote about my trip to Montreal here.

I hired a typographer from each city we featured to do the lettering in a way they felt represented their city. It had a short run of six months but we loved it. Check out the six cities we featured below.

City: Montreal, Quebec
Illustration: Etienne Savaria 

City: Dallas, Texas
Illustration: Lilco Studio

City: Busan, South Korea
Illustration: Soo Kim