Occasionally, I even write for The Lily. Over the past year, I’ve written personal essays about how to make New Years resolutions that stick and tackling my finances, for example. More recently, I have been learning to manage chronic anxiety and high blood pressure and feel so passionately about the value of discussing mental health. Writing pieces such as these gives me an opportunity to improve my communication and editing skills and to explore personal challenges I take on. Check out my published writing below.

I spoke to nine women about their mental health journeys for Mental Health Awareness Month.

I rounded up 10 mental health podcasts for Internet Self Care Day in 2017. 

I created the project #31Days31Firsts with Ashley Nguyen to celebrate Women's History Month. 

I got personal about money, when I took a month to tackle my personal finances.

In 2017, I confronted my goals, one month at a time. I wrote about what I learned after experimenting for a year.

I interviewed Annalisa van den Bergh about her insane cross-country cycling trip across the U.S. 

I wrote about my trip to Montreal for the travel series, The Lily in