Lead art director & storyteller for The Lily

Instagram Strategy

I co-manage The Lily’s Instagram account with my colleague Amy Cavenaile. From the beginning of The Lily, we wanted our Instagram to have a distinct look and feel. One of the main ways we do that is by maintaining a black and white grid, as you can see below. In our content, we react to the news, provide live coverage of events like the elections and awards shows as well as take advantage of features like the slideshow in order to tell our stories in unique ways. I analyze data on our posts and Instagram stories on a weekly basis in order to adjust our strategy.


Instagram Stories

Every week day, we post a variety of Instagram Stories to reach our audience in new and innovative ways. Instagram stories are one of my favorite ways to experiment because of the fleeting nature of only have 24 hours to show the content to our audience. Currently, I manage and execute two first-person Q&A video series, “I’ll Drink to That” and “I Just Started.” You can view the most recent, “I Just Started” interviews pinned to the top of The Lily’s Instagram profile here.

I’ll Drink to That

I conceived the idea for the series, “I’ll Drink to That” because I wanted to interview women that I admired. It originally started as a fairly typical interview series and evolved into a first-person Q&A. I find women to feature, reach out to them, coordinate the videos and post them on The Lily’s Instagram stories. I wanted to post these natively, to keep consistent with The Lily’s aesthetic. You can view the most recent interviews pinned to the top of The Lily's Instagram profile here. In 2018, we featured 43 women and I hope to feature even more in 2019.


At least two days a week, we round up the best stories from our site and utilize the swipe-up feature for an in-app reading experience. See a few examples below.

Lily Lit Club

In September 2018, we launched an Instagram-only book club, Lily Lit Club. Each month, we announce a fictional book pick by a female author. Every other month, I co-run the Instagram with The Lily’s deputy editor, Neema Roshania Patel. We structure the month with week-by-week guides, to encourage Lit Club members to interact with our account and other members through the hashtag #LilyLitClub. See some examples of posts below.