Rachel Orr



When The Lily launched, I wanted to find a way to incorporate comics as a method of storytelling, specifically on Instagram. The traditional comic strip form was practically made for Instagram's slideshow feature.

After endless hours, which turned into months scouring the web and Instagram ā€“ I found Katie Wheeler. The Lily is so lucky to have her. She made all my comic dreams come true. She brings an authentic and fresh voice to her autobiographical comics that really resonates with our audience.

I now work with several comic artists on a monthly basis, representing a broad spectrum of women and personal experiences. See some of their work below.


Comic Illustrator: Katie Wheeler
View all of Katie's comics for The Lily here
Won 2017 SND Award of Excellence for Social Media Graphics.

PS ā€“ you a comic artist? Shoot me an email me at rachelanneorr (at) gmail.com. I would love to hear from you. Also if you have any graphic novel recs, Iā€™m all ears!

Comic Illustrator: Elizabeth Beier
View Elizabeth's comic here

Comic Illustrator: Ann Xu
View Ann's comic here. 

Comic illustrator: Bianca Xunise
View Bianca's comic here

Comic Illustrator: Sage Coffey
View Sage's comic here.

Comic Illustrator: Carta Monir
View Carta's comic here.