As part of The Lily, I love to be part of telling women’s stories, so I knew I wanted to come up with a highly visual and collaborative project for International Women’s Month in March 2018. What better way to celebrate, than one woman each day for the entire month. 31 women, 31 firsts. My co-worker Ashley Nguyen felt just as strongly about this idea and together, we came up with a list of 31 women from the 1800’s til now from different backgrounds, careers and walks of life who were the first of their kind.

I wanted to seek out artists that would bring this project to life. I scoured Instagram to find four women women with completely different illustration styles. I commissioned portraits from Lauren Tamaki, Irene Rinaldi, Rachel Idzerda and Anjini Maxwell.

I worked with The Lily's video editor, Maya Sugarman and The Washington Post's video host, Hannah Jewell to conceptualize three video explainers of three women from the series. You can view them below. 

For our social campaign, we unveiled one woman each day in march on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. View all the women below.

You can read up on all 31 women in our roundup.