Lead art director & storyteller for The Lily

2018 Gift Guide

Gifting is one of my passions, as you can see from my short-lived blog. I was excited to lead the design and art direction for The Lily’s second annual gift guide. (Scroll down to check out our first gift guide.) We feature gifts made by women or women-owned businesses. I had a very specific idea in mind for this guide that included velvet fabric and the help of my co-workers, as hand models. I worked with Washington Post photographer, Bill O’Leary to shoot the guide.

In addition to leading the art direction of the guide, I worked closely with my creative director, Amy King to scour the Internet for the best items to feature, I managed the procurement of the items as well as developed the social strategy behind the launch of the guide. See the full guide here.


Social Strategy

To launch our gift guide, I wanted to make a splash on our otherwise black and white grid. I did this by creating an Instagram “mural” with a grid of nine images, which you can see below. I rolled out the categories of the gift guide with a few different posts every week: 1) A gift guide giveaway every Friday, 2) #MeetTheMaker posts where I featured the women behind the products and 3) I featured women from the guide on our Instagram story series, “I’ll Drink to That.”


2017 Gift Guide

For The Lily’s inaugural gift guide, I hired typographer, Simi Mahtani to create unique type treatments for seven different guides. I worked with photographer, Linda Wang to photograph every item. And I created dozens of embellishments for each gift page in order to add a handmade touch and make the guide feel that much more special (a few of the were even animated!) See the full guide here.