One of the coolest parts of designing for the Kindle is the ability to change the icon on a daily basis. We usually design the icon ourselves but for special occasions and holidays we like to commission illustrators. I have had the pleasure of commissioning and art directing the following icons. Below you can check it out on the Kindle. 

Illustration by Sam Taylor.

Illustration by Rachel Orr.

Illustration by Melissa McFeeters.

Illustration by Spencer Joynt. 


I worked with editors and producers to come up with a style for the Repost feature that is exclusive to our suite of apps. This feature brings back a photo or story from our archives usually related to a timely event. 

Women in Power Special Section

I designed this powerful special section about Women in Washington, D.C for our apps. You can read more of these stories online here. 

Dear Science

Worked with Rachel Feltman and Sarah Kaplan, from The Washington Post's Speaking of Science blog to design their new column, Dear Science.
This is a weekly column that answers readers common science-related questions. Illustrations created using iStock.
Have you ever wondered any of these questions? Click through to find out the answers! 

How China Tamed the internet

Designed illustrations for a series examining the impact of China’s Great Firewall, a mechanism of Internet censorship and surveillance
that affects nearly 700 million users. Check out the beginning of the series here. Illustrations created using iStock.

BBQ Illustrations

I created these animations for some BBQ recipes posts. I created these using iStock.